What is Sweatnesday?


“Sweatnesday is one of the best social events you can join in Jyväskylä”: insights from Kevin, Sweatnesday attendee

Due to a wide range of different events offered for students in Jyväskylä, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out which events to join and squeeze in to one’s calendar. Especially if you have never been to some specific event and have no idea what it’s actually all about, it might feel easier to stay at home and do something familiar instead. However, it’s always easier to get excited if someone can tell you from experience what to expect – that’s why we wanted to ask one of our active members to share his insights about one of our event concepts called Sweatnesday. Meet Kevin, our Sweatnesday veteran, who shared his experience on the event.

Tell us a bit about yourself! Who are you, what is your background?

My name is Kevin Pinhuan Li and I’m from China. I studied at VAMK from 2006-2009 for my bachelor degree and afterwards I completed my master degree in Norway at Norwegian School of Economics. I have been working in China for the past few years and this time I came to Jyväskylä last august with my wife. Right now, I’m learning Finnish at home and actively looking for jobs in Finland.

How many times have you been to Sweatnesday?

I have been to Sweatnesday four times so far. The first time was in October 2019 when I saw the post on Facebook from JES. I participated in the Discovery Tuesday event organized by JES, that’s how I found out about the Sweatnesday event from their Facebook post.

How would you describe the concept of Sweatnesday to someone who hasn’t been there before?

I would say it’s one of the best social events you can join here. Not only that it’s totally free, you can also enjoy sandwiches and drinks, and of course SAUNA, also a balcony with one of the best night views in Jyväskylä. Socializing is not that easy in Finland, especially during winter time and with Finnish people, but this event made it much easier for people who want to socialize and meet new people. It’s much easier to talk to Finnish people in sauna and with alcohol – and don’t worry, they will all speak English with you. In addition, the event also organizes a presentation from a company/entrepreneur every time in the beginning, where you can learn something about business opportunities in Finland.

What makes you want to come back to Sweatnesday, i.e. what do you like about the event?

1. The sauna experience. Winter in Finland is long, dark and cold, so sauna event is always a good option to join.

2. The company presentations. You can always learn something from those presentations and get to know some new people in the discussion round. In my first Sweatnesday experience, a recruiter from Slush gave a presentation about the event: that’s how I got to know about Slush and ended up being a volunteer for the event last year.

3. The socializing opportunities. In this event, you can always enjoy a nice talk with other people, meet some new friends, and share some awesome experiences.

4. The free sandwiches and drinks. Finland is not a cheap country to live in, so when there is a chance to have free food and drinks, you shouldn’t let it pass 😉

5. The location to enjoy one of the best night views in Jyväskylä.

To conclude with…

I would highly recommend the Sweatnesday event to everyone who likes to socialize, meet new people and have an awesome sauna experience. In addition, follow the JES facebook page to keep updated on their event plans – you won’t regret it! 🙂

Sweatnesday is usually held monthly throughout the academic year and always organized in English with the purpose of connecting Finnish and international students together. The next Sweatnesday will take place next Wednesday 1.12.2021 at Innova 4 rooftop sauna and is free of charge. You are most warmly welcome! For more information, please check the Facebook event at https://fb.me/e/2Mw3YBvDF.