What is JES?

What is this JES?

Our goal is to bring entrepreneurship and self development closer to students. We want to offer the opportunity to try something new and challenge yourself in encouraging environment. Networking is important for us, and we want to help you to become a part of a very diverse group of JES members. Through us, it is also possible to get to know Central Finnish companies, entrepreneurial networks, and also people throughout Finland through other ES societys. We want to provide a platform and a strong support for new innovation, experimentation and success.


JES started in 2011 when a group of friends wanted to meet other local, like-minded and active students and student entrepreneurs in a relaxed atmosphere. However, there was no one to make this possible. The group took matters into their own hands and began to organize their own evenings (with jallu, of course). More and more like-minded students found their way into student circles and evenings. The Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society was born.

JES has grown and evolved tremendously from those days with every board, every new member, and visitor. JES’s event concepts have evolved and are slowly becoming more common. Over time, JES has also developed its own larger event concepts: Spotlight, the largest event in Central Finland, IDEA JKL, the weekend brainstorming workshop and the five-week long project Discovery Tuesday. Of course, Covid-19 has also brought its own spice to JESs’ operations, and in 2020 completely new event concepts JESlive and JEScast were developed.

In 2021, JES celebrated its 10th anniversary. In addition to this, JES reached another great step in the autumn of 2021, when the number of our members exceeded 1000. It is great to see that JES still has a clear place in the Jyväskylä ecosystem after 10 years.

Strategy and values

Mission: JES is an influential community that promotes entrepreneurship and is open to everyone. Furthermore, JES provides a platform for self-development, ideation processes and the encountering of like-minded people.

Vision: In 2023, JES is a pioneer in entrepreneurship and self-development, known for organizing unique events of the highest quality. The society has a long-term impact on the development of individuals and early-stage businesses, and its significance is known on a national level. As a partner, JES is valued and respected in Jyväskylä’s local entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as in the national one.


  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Significance
  • Openness
  • Authenticity
  • Communality