Strategy 2023


In 2023, JES is a pioneer in entrepreneurship and self-development, known for organizing unique events of the highest quality. The society has a long-term impact on the development of individuals and early-stage businesses, and its significance is known on a national level. As a partner, JES is valued and respected in Jyväskylä’s local entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as in the national one.


JES is an influential community that promotes entrepreneurship and is open to everyone. Furthermore, JES provides a platform for self-development, ideation processes and the encountering of like-minded people.


Entrepreneurial mindset

JES promotes an entrepreneurial mindset and inspires internal and external entrepreneurship. Hence, JES enables the development of its members and provides an encouraging environment for challenging one-self and for self-development.


As a society, JES creates value to its members through a variety of events and actions. JES inspires and helps its members to make new insights about themselves and their future. Hence, JES enables its members to achieve their goals and embetter themselves even further.


JES operates with transparency and openness to all members. The rationale of decision making and the use of funds are clear and accessible to all members. Members are actively involved in decision making. All members have equal opportunities to apply to be involved in the actions of JES.


Considering Jyväskylä’s ecosystem, JES stands out positively due to its originality. JES actively develops itself as an organization and adapts open-mindedly to new ways of operating. JES dares to be different in its operating environment and is a genuinely independent player.


JES makes it possible to meet like-minded and inspiring people. JES is a unique community that connects students and young people from different fields of background. The communality of JES stems from its positive and receptive atmosphere, and its events are always open to all.


For achieving vision and values

Stakeholders & Community

  • The members’ and attendees’ commitment strengthens the community of JES. JES actively strives to increase the engagement of its members and event attendees.
  • The operations of JES are distinct and of high quality. Therefore, JES is a desirable and respected partner.
  • JES is one of the most significant associations for the international community in Jyväskylä. It enables international students to get acquainted with local students and Jyväskylä’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Events & Activity

  • JES’s values guide the association’s communication both internally and externally, and it extensively reaches different stakeholders.
  • Events and activities are boldly developed and renewed in accordance with the values, responding to changes in the environment and the wishes of the community.
  • The events and activities are strongly visible in various channels and they evoke wide interest with their distinctiveness.


Entrepreneurship & Businesses

  • JES raises awareness of the diversity of today’s entrepreneurship and is involved in the new generation’s change of attitude towards entrepreneurship.
  • JES has an impact on the emergence of new businesses, and the development of existing ones.
  • JES’s accelerator operations bring new businesses to Jyväskylä.